iApprove: Puzzle Pirates.

October 13, 2008

Do you like puzzle games (lots and lots of puzzle games)?  How about pirates?  If you said “yes” to both of these, Puzzle Pirates is probably the game for you.

If, however, you like begging your way to success, getting paid for doing nothing, or otherwise being entitled to heaps and heaps of cool stuff without effort, Puzzle Pirates is definitely not for you.  Boasting several mini-worlds with fully functional economical systems, nearly everything in Puzzle Pirates is run by players.  Shops run by players hire other players to play puzzles and produce items which you can buy.  Pirate captains buy ships from other players and use them to run pillages, for which they hire other players to keep the ship in good condition.  And monetary rewards are based on result, not quantity; you can sail around until the cows come home, but you’re not getting paid unless your crew manages to defeat another crew in battle and loot their ship.  (Fortunately, there are NPC ships for this purpose.  All the money has to come from somewhere, eh?)

For those who can handle it, Puzzle Pirates is a fun, immersive game with many rewarding challenges on your path to fame and riches.  For those who can’t… well, you can sit in the Inn and beg for money until you get the black spot.

And if you ever get tired of pillaging the high seas, Puzzle Pirates also boasts a friendly message board where you can tart about the oceans, plan political blockades, and enter a myriad of pirate-themed creative contests for in-game prizes.


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