iApprove: Ozy and Millie.

October 17, 2008

A few years ago, my sister introduced me to a webcomic.  A very cute webcomic, about life and children and anthropomorphic animals.

“Sure,” you may say, “but there are a lot of comics about that.  What makes this one special?”

Well, aside from being insanely cute, it has a lot of other endearing qualities.  For instance, although there are protagonists and antagonists, the writer avoids falling into the “good guy/bad guy” trap; the characters simply are, although sometimes they have flaws which make them disagreeable.  And though the protagonists have flaws of their own, they manage to avoid being obnoxious by retaining the sort of innocence that children their age should have.

Also, Ozy’s dad is an eccentric Buddhist dragon.

Unfortunately, after many entertaining years, the strip is coming to an end.  But for the newcomer, the website features the entire series in its archives, so you can read all the Ozy and Millie that has ever been (or at least most of it).


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