iApprove: Alien Dice.

October 19, 2008

Nawp, not a free online RPG (although that would be cool).  Alien Dice is a webcomic about a human girl named Chel, an alien man named Lexx, and Lexx’s many “dice” — Pokémon-like creatures that rich people like to collect and pit in battles against each other.  Unlike other players, however, Lexx is also a die in the system — and to win his freedom, he must collect a full set of dice while fighting off any challengers who come his way.

One interesting feature of this comic is that, below each strip, a piece of story is featured that describes the strip’s contents with added detail (and often some extra story).  This allows the story to be told without dragging out the storyline through myriads of strips, and enables the author to keep in-strip dialogue to a containable level.  It’s an interesting story, mostly action and drama with occasional romantic undertones — generally a fun read, especially when one is lain up with a bum foot.


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