iApprove: Dragon Cave.

October 20, 2008

Back in the day, adoptable images (what we called “cyberpets”) were all the rage.  Now, they’re not so much, but there are still a few sites where you can get similar things.  Dragon Cave is one of them.

It’s a little more complicated than just clicking and saving an image, though.  You do have to sign up – just pick a username and password and provide your e-mail address – then you have to catch an egg on the front page or the Abandoned Eggs area.  Once you get an egg, you need to tout it around the Internet – put it in your signature on a forum, for example.  The more people view your egg (and click on the link you provide), the less time it will take your egg to hatch.  And if it doesn’t hatch within a week, it will die.  It can also get sick and die if its stats get messed up (more “unique views” than “views”, for example), so you have to be careful.

Fortunately, Dragon Cave comes with a free, easy-to-use message board with a helpful community that will guide you in the process of dragon-raising.  And while you do have to register (at the forum, separate from the site) to post, you don’t have to to read what’s already there, so if you’d rather not make yourself known in that particular community you don’t have to.




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