iApprove: Guinea Lynx.

October 22, 2008

A few years ago, one uneventful summer’s day, I was standing in the office with my mother when she said to me, “I’m thinking about getting a guinea pig.”  At the time, of course, we had a fairly limited impression of what all this entailed — think a pet-store rodent tank in front of the window with some hay and wood shavings, and you wouldn’t be far off from our guess.

Fortunately, Guinea Lynx was one of the sites that set us straight.

The site is an absolute gold mine of information for those thinking about raising guinea pigs.  Thanks to it and others, we learned what kind of housing was best for guinea pigs, the dietary dangers that lurk in typical pet-store food and objects, and the risks involved with breeding.  Now, two years later, we have a happy, healthy four-cavy herd in an open-air cage enclosure on soft, easy-to-clean fleece bedding and a high-quality, nutritionally balanced diet.

It’s things like this that make me really glad sites like this exist.  Without this information, we’d probably have had a miserable and grouchy animal that we would have cluelessly stressed into an early grave.  Instead, we have a group contented little critters, the oldest of which is six years old and still going strong.  Thanks to this site, cavies around the globe are living happier, healthier lives, and their owners are happier for it.  And with a pet, that’s really all they can ask for.



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