iApprove: “Skipping Christmas.”

October 28, 2008

If you were around a few Christmases ago (and if not, welcome back from your extended coma) you probably remember a movie called “Christmas with the Kranks”.  It featured a couple who, facing their first Christmas without their daughter at home, decided that they were going to skip their lavish annual Christmas party and do something entirely non-Christmas related.  Unfortunately, shortly before Christmas, daughter calls and declares that she’s coming home after all.  Whoops!

Cue pandemonium as parents try to scrape together a Christmas party in approximately a day and a half.

Well, before the story was a movie, it was a book: Skipping Christmas, by John Grisham.  Not a very long read, but an entertaining one, Skipping Christmas tells the entire story of the Krank’s attempts to bail out on Christmas and go on cruise, only to be foiled by their daughter’s return, and with 100% less Botox than the movie.

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