DoNotWant: Politics.

October 29, 2008

Elections drive me batcrap.  Seriously.  Every four years, four nuts decide that they want to be President/VP of the United States, and they spend the remaining year bragging and complaining and arguing over which of them is more ambitious and saying things like “You betcha” and “The people of this great nation”, and getting their faces made into exponentially scarier Halloween masks.

It drives me crazy.

It’s not that I mind getting a new President; I don’t.  It’s the process.  All the dirtkicking and skullduggery and miscellaneous garbage that politicians dredge out in their efforts to win the public favor.

Worst of all, I hate the party system.  Why?  Because it encourages adversarial, juvenile behavior in candidates and their followers.  It creates an unpenetrable atmosphere of “us vs. them” that no one can get over.  Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s butt whether a candidate is a Republican or a Democrat.  What I do care about – what will influence my decision – is whether I believe your ideals are appropriate for the country, and whether I believe you are intelligent and competent enough to make those ideals a reality.

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