iApprove: Trick-Or-Treating.

November 1, 2008

Some years, I really don’t like Halloween.  I throw together a costume, find some family (if I’m lucky), and we sit around trying to manufacture some semblance of fun by talking about random junk or watching Halloween specials on TV.  It’s not very entertaining.

This year, though, was pretty awesome.

You see, my aunt and uncle like to get their kids around, drive into town and go trick-or-treating with some kids that they know.  This year, they invited my little brother to come along, and since I didn’t have anything better to do I got out my costume (I design one every year, whether I have any plans or not, so it was handy) and went with them.  I’m just coming along to keep an eye on my brother, I rationalized.  I’m too old for trick-or-treating.


By the time it was over, I’d bummed a spare pillowcase off my cousin and was hitting houses for the rest of them.  Sure, my costume didn’t fool anyone — they knew I was an adult, and one person even thought I was the children’s mother (despite the fact that I’m several years too young, nargh nargh).  But doggone it, they gave me CANDY.  And I had a blast.

So, the moral of all this is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re “too old” to go trick-or-treating or not.  As long as you wear a costume and carry a bag, people will give you candy (although they may give you some strange looks while they’re doing it).

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