iApprove: The Crocodile Hunter.

November 3, 2008

I admit, I’m a dork.  While standing in Best Buy, waiting for my mother to check out, I noticed on a TV screen the movie trailer for Anaconda 3.  Now, most people at this point would be thinking something along the lines of “Hey, an Anaconda movie!” or “Hey, David Hasselhoff!” or just “Eek!  Snake!”

Not me.  Nope, what I’m thinking is “Wow, what a pretty snake!  I wonder if I can find its venom glands!” (Answer: No.  Snakes are very good at hiding their venom glands.)

You see, I learned all about venom glands from the movie The Crocodile Hunter, by way of Steve Irwin.  Now, as anyone can attest, Irwin was a total dork in this movie.  He was always yelling at the cameras, using dumb catchphrases (“This guy’s stressed!  REAL stressed!”) and generally annoying any audience members over the age of five.

Well, except me.

While my mother and ten-year-old brother are sitting there groaning their heads off at Irwin’s antics, I’m in my seat drooling.  (Not at him — at the animals.)  While my family is thinking something along the lines of “What a moron!” I’m thinking something more along the lines of “Whoa, that spider is awesome!”  Watching the movie, it’s very clear that Irwin has a great deal of enthusiasm for what he does and the creatures he works with.  And if you can ignore the poor quality of the movie and suspend your disbelief against his incredibly unintelligent-seeming behavior patterns, it’s quite infectious.  You see, it occurred to me while watching the film that Irwin must know what he’s doing.  Not because he acts like it, or because he talks like it, but simply because those are real, venomous creatures he’s handling there — and they’re not trained actors, if you know what I mean.  If he didn’t know what he was doing, he would have been dead already.

So rather than criticizing his behavior, I just sit there and ogle the animals.  Because they’re cool — REAL cool.

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