I has a novel. I keeps it!

November 4, 2008

It occured to me today, as it often does, that perhaps posting the entirety of my novel online might not be a good idea.  I mean, I might want it for something.  I might want to, say, edit it and get it published.  So rather than posting the whole thing, I’ll just summarize my progress and include an excerpt from the chapter.  (Actually, chapters.  There are a few of them.)

When we last left off, Drake Thatcher was following James Iverson and Maria Brennan into the mess tent for some lunch.  Drake lingered behind to take care of equipment, and it was revealed that he had psychokinetic abilities.

When Thatcher enters the tent, Iverson is describing his latest find to the other paleontologists.  One of them, Cleveland Henderson, suggests that Iverson have the resident reptile expert, Jean Stevens, take a look at it.  He then comments on the fact that Stevens is not present for lunch.  It is revealed that everyone in the area has some sort of “gift” – an ability beyond the tactile, if you will – and Jean’s gift is hearing the voices of carcasses, so he eats lunch in private.

After lunch, Iverson gets Stevens to examine the fossil.  He points out that it is female, and venomous.  He expresses an almost affectionate interest in the fossil before leaving the site.  Iverson resumes work on the fossil, and after considerable work discovers that the shoulder blades are intact.  Excited, he calls some of the other paleontologists to help him dig it up.

Several hours later, they discover that the fossil is the nearly-intact skeleton of what appears to be a dragon who was carrying a round object.  Stevens is again summoned to examine it, and suffers a momentary bout of psychic vertigo when he touches the object.  Moments later, he determines it to be a fossilized egg, but cannot satisfactorily explain how he knows this.

Henderson sends word to home base – the Royal Paleological Museum – and they arrange to have the fossil removed and transported to the museum’s laboratory.  Stevens, who continues to feel a strange connection to the fossil, has himself transferred to the museum so he can continue to study it.

* * ** ** * * ** *

[[The professor]] didn’t seem to notice, though, as he looked up from his papers at the disheveled paleontologist.  “Ah!  Dr. Jean Stevens, correct?”

Stevens nodded.  “That’s me.”

The professor smiled and extended a rather distracted hand, which Stevens shook.  “Professor Owan Miron.  Pleased to meet you.  I understand you’re a reptile expert?”

“Specialist,” Stevens corrected.  He’d never really thought of himself as being qualified enough to be called an expert, but he also knew that it wouldn’t be a good idea to mention this to someone he’d be working under.

“Ah,” said Miron, with the general tone of someone who didn’t really care about the difference.  “Well, welcome to the Royal Paleological Museum.  So, this fossil of yours, I understand it’s quite a find.”

“That’s right,” said Stevens.  “I’m not sure how much they described in the official report, but…”  He trailed off, inviting Miron to continue the thought.

“Mainly they used a lot of words that I’d never heard before,” Miron admitted.  “Things like dual scapulas and hexiappendigal.”

Stevens raised his eyebrows.  “Yeah, that pretty much covers it.  It’s easier to understand once you see it.”

* * ** ** * * ** *

After meeting his new boss, Stevens is escorted inside the museum, where he is shown his new office and advised to wait for further instructions.


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