DoNotWant: Skipping TV show episodes.

November 8, 2008

Not just any skipping of TV shows, mind.  To be specific, what annoys me is when a person who has collected and watched all the boxed sets of a TV show decides that, for fun, he’s going to watch the whole show over, except that he’s going to skip the ones he didn’t like.  To make matters worse, said person is inclined never to finish this endeavor, so he ends up starting and restarting the show.  Now, I realize it’s really his business which episodes he watches; I’m cool with that.  But the end result is that if I ever decide I’d like to sit down with the guys and watch an episode, my choices are pretty limited.

Which reminds me of something I want even less: skipping over the “boring parts” of a movie.  Yep, I’ve known some people who would only sit through an entire movie once.  Any time they wanted to watch it afterward, they’d skip through the slow bits and only watch the cool parts.  My problem with this is that I watch a movie for the story, not just the eye candy, so it’s kind of jarring to go through huge timeskips.  I’d much rather sit through the “boring” parts; otherwise it doesn’t even feel like I’ve watched it.  The same thing goes for skipping certain episodes when you watch a TV series; I feel like I’m missing out on half the story.

Thank you for letting me gripe.


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