NaNoWriMo: Totally rearranging my plot.

November 8, 2008

Not rewriting, mind you.  Just rearranging.  Now that the mad rush of Week One is over, I’m taking some time during Week Two to figure out exactly where I’m going with the plot.  This is essential, because as it was I had one side of the plot proceeding way faster than it should have, while the other side was lagging behind.  So I’m removing the faster stuff and concentrating more on a part of the plot that needs to be developed first.

This means that much of the summary I have provided is now obsolete.  Stevens is no longer getting weird messages in his office and getting rescued by Keller; instead, he’s busy studying pictures sent to him by Iverson from the dig.  This is relevant, as it enables him to figure out what the dragons were doing there, while allowing enough time for the men in the laboratory to finish their extraction project.

Here’s a sample of what’s getting added:

* * *

Stevens examined the photograph currently displayed on the computer.  It was a very lovely male skull – full-grown, by the look of it – with most of a neck and a good set of forearms attached.  He wondered idly if this one was perhaps the mate of the female.  What about the others, then?  Their children?  Pack members?  He thought on that.  Herding behavior wasn’t unheard of in dinosaurs, although it seemed to him that a dragonlike creature would be solitary.  Perhaps they had banded together merely for migration.  No, that didn’t quite cover it.  A dragon wouldn’t be migrating while it had an unhatched egg.  It would migrate somewhere to breed…

Mating season!  That was it!  The dig wasn’t just a mass grave, he realized now.  It was an ancient dragon breeding site — a site gone horribly wrong.

One comment

  1. My plot ate itself the other day. It revolved around a group of rebels/revolutionaries, who not-so-politely informed me that, ahem, they had nothing to rebel against. No unfair government, no nasty secrets… nothing.

    I fixed the problem last night, but alas, I broke down and did some rewrites. x_x I had to in order for it to make sense, which it now sort of does.

    Yay for failing plots! 🙂

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