I have some weird psychological problems associated with illness.

November 9, 2008

To put it simply, I do not like to be catered to.

This probably comes about because of the usual order of illness in our house.  My dad and sister will get sick first, followed by my mother and little brother.  I get sick last, so until that point I basically spend my time keeping the house together, doing dishes and cooking dinner and whatever else.

So when I finally DO get sick, the last thing I want – at least at first – is to slow down and give someone else a chance to help.  Like today, for example.  My first instinct was to start spreading germs all over EVERYTHING so that anyone who hadn’t caught the bug yet wouldn’t be stepping in to take over.  (I restrained myself, which is good, because A) everyone’s had the bug already, so it would be pointless and B) I really do not feel like running the entire house anymore.)

The cold I’ve contracted is doing a fantastic job of keeping me out of it, though.  My body isn’t expecially fatigued, but the virus is doing a number on my head; I’m having a lot of trouble focusing on anything that isn’t happening right in front of my face (or in my ear, in the case of these two guys yakking away at the other computer).  Writing is annoying, but not impossible, as my fingers pretty much know how to type any word I can think of by now (at least, unless I have to actually think about the spelling.  They want to spell the word “of” with a V, which usually only happens when I’m handwriting.)

One thing that really bothers me when I’m sick is the germs.  I am full of viral gook, and the little guys are doing everything in their power to spread themselves around.  Sneezing, for example.  There is no reason why I should be sneezing constantly, except that the virus in my head would like to spread itself around and the best way to do that is to spritz infected mucus on everything.  I’m holding in the sneezing.  Also, I have to be insanely careful about where I spread other bodily fluids, particularily saliva.  I’m bad about saliva, and that stuff is loaded.

So, yep.  Having great fun with the cold here.  Spent four hours straight playing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (still trying to finish it so the li’l bro can sell it on eBay), and now I’m going to try some noveling.  If I can ever get the darned kid to quit getting on the computer every time I leave the seat.


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