Loovar: The Not-So-Elusive Fish?

November 11, 2008

As you know, I’ve recently come down with a horrible cold.  When I first had it two days ago, I thought to myself, it wasn’t a big deal; I updated my blog, worked on my novel and played Phantom Hourglass.

Well, by that night I was completely shot (and by shot, I mean “having problems standing up straight”).  So rather than trying to do anything serious yesterday, I grapped the ol’ DS and did some more farting around on PH.  I’ve decided that rather than just breezing through it like I do most Zelda games, I’m going to take my time: collect every heart container, pick up every Wisdom Gem, and do all of the (fun) sidequests.

My gear of choice last night was fishing.  Now, since I prefer to play games intuitively before I check for guides, I didn’t read anything about it beforehand, so I had no idea about the rarity of Loovar.  Consequentially, it did not occur to me that it might be strange to have two of them before I ever managed to catch a Toona.

The reason I might find this strange is because after I did catch a Toona and round out my common-fish collection, I decided to look online and see if there was a guide that could help me with Neptoona.  Well, they couldn’t, but what I did learn is that Loovar is apparently a super-rare fish, and that you’re liable to have upward of thirty fish before you ever catch one.

My game does not seem to understand this.  For the lulz, here are my fishing stats so far:

Skippyjack: 15

Toona: 5

Loovar: 6

Rusty Swordfish: 4

Stowfish: 1

Total: 31 Fish

So, my total Loovar count is approximately one-fifth of my entire fish caught.  Not so rare, akshuly.

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