iApprove: deviantArt.

November 13, 2008

I like art.  I can’t draw worth beans, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the work of those who can.  And one of the best places I know to do that is deviantArt.

With an enormous base of creative and talented artists, and a handy search feature to browse them by, this site is the best one I know of for finding interesting things to view (without charge).  If I’m feeling uninspired, for example, and need some quick visual stimulation, this is the place I go.  They do have annoying adverts (Lee Read dingy rings, and their continual store ads which tend to get in the way), but I enjoy their content enough that I find myself coming back anyway.

Not that it’s all talent, of course.  deviantArt, like fanfiction.net, has its share of less talented individuals.  Like fanfiction.net, though, it’s usually easy to tell those who have from those who don’t just by checking out the previews.  And much of the good content makes it worth your while to sift through the bad.


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