iApprove: Uh… something.

November 17, 2008

I really need to start doing these before 10:30 at night.  It’ll make it much easier on me, I think.  Since we’re here, though, and since we haven’t done one yet today, I’d like to give a shout out to Trickster Online.

I have very strict qualifications in MMOs.  Firstly, they have to have nice graphics.  Secondly, they have to have fun gameplay.  Thirdly, they have to run on my dad’s computer.  A unique plot is good, too; if your game is about Everyday Items Coming To Life And Attacking People, or An Evil Force Causing Animals To Go Insane, I’m going to be a little dubious.  Finally, they have to be free to play.

Fortunately, Trickster manages to pass all of these.

Its graphics, while simple (2D), are very cute, and its backgrounds are very interesting to look at.  The gameplay is a little annoying – fairly typical free RPG system – but easy enough to deal with.  And it runs on my dad’s computer.

The plot… oy, the plot.

Trickster Online is, according to its backstory, a massive virtual reality game set up on an island by the late eccentric billionaire Don Cavalier.  Apparently he had some kind of great treasure which he left on the island, and he invites everyone who would like to try their hand to participate in his game and fight their way to the prize.  Along their way, participants – known as Tricksters – will learn a few things about the island, Don Cavalier, and their own destiny.  They’ll also fetch octopus tentacles for cute maids in bunny ears.  (Modestly dressed maids, mind.  Trickster is a virgin-friendly game.)

Outside of my novel, this game has been my best friend this November.  Inside of the novel, of course, my characters are way too busy for such silly things.  At any rate, it’s a good, entertaining game.



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