Apparently I’m inspiring?

November 19, 2008

So, I was a-checkin’ my spam queue, and I found a comment that was essentially a pingback — a repost of material from a blog entry.  In this case, though, it wasn’t material from my blog.  It was, in fact, from another blog, possibly located somewhere in Poland, who decided to post a link to my “iLOL’d: Dave Barry” post.

That in itself isn’t strange.  What is strange is the blog title: How to get Inspiration? Apparently, they found my post on Dave Barry to be inspiring.  Enough to post it on their website.  I can’t imagine why.  Perhaps the site is run by robots who fish up random blog posts, then post them on their site and make pingback comments on the blogs in question to try to drive up traffic.

Whatever the cause, I truly hope that the people of Poland find me to be a good inspiration.


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