iApprove: fanfiction.net/book/Discworld.

December 2, 2008

Normally, fanfiction.net is not a place I like to visit.  Not that there isn’t good reading there – there is – but the fact that most of that good reading is hidden under an enormous lump of absolutely terrible reading makes it rather irritating to slog through.

But the Discworld section… ahh.

I don’t know how it does it.  Maybe it’s just because the average fanfiction writer doesn’t have access to Discworld, or maybe they don’ t appreciate the series, but for whatever reason that particular corner of the site contains remarkably large quantities of decent fanfiction.  Funny fanfiction.  Written by witty and otherwise clever people.

Sure, it has its share of oddities – Vimes and Teatime in particular have a remarkable number of fangirls – but there’s no denying that the sheer number of actually intelligent fanfiction writers is staggering.



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