iApprove: Write or Die.

December 4, 2008

If you (like me) did NaNoWriMo this year, then you (like me) probably had issues with productivity.  Even if you didn’t do NaNo, if you write you probably know the song and dance: sit, write a bit, procrastinate for ages, then give up and do something else.

Novelists around the world have this problem.  We just have a hard time motivating ourselves.  And while you may have already heard of it, one of the most-approved methods for motivating yourself is Dr. Wicked’s Write or Die.

Thanks to this program, thousands of writers have found themselves more motivated than ever before and have sailed across the 50,000 word mark this year.  Cripes, I get motivated just thinking about having to try and use it again (used it once and it was a total nightmare; promised myself that if I didn’t meet my quota I would have to use it again.  Haven’t missed my quota since).  Inside or outside NaNo, it’s a fantastic way to get your work done.

Check it out at http://lab.drwicked.com/writeordie.html


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