iApprove: My Red Letter Day.

December 6, 2008

Everyone has their off days.  Days when we just don’t feel like going on, either because circumstances seem determined to keep us from succeeding or because we don’t feel like we’re doing enough to get there.

How we get past these times varies between episodes, between individuals.  Sometimes we need a cold slap in the face; sometimes we need a motivational piece of music or a quiet place to cry for a few hours.

And sometimes we just need a few kind words.

“My Red Letter Day” is an illustration by KinkyAzianKitty, based on a quote from someone who was having such a day.  “When crying in a bathroom stall,” the quote goes, “covered in blood after slicing up my arms, I looked up and saw that someone had written ‘Everything Will Be Okay’ in red lipstick on the door.  This moment changed my life, and gave me more hope than anything else has thus far.”

It’s weird how that works.  Sometimes all you need to feel better is a bit of reassurance from an unknown source.  They have no face or name, but they always seem to know the way out of a dark place.


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