iLOL’d: Dimlight.

December 7, 2008

Twilight, Twilight, Twilight… where do I start?

Ordinarily, we stay away from each other.  Neither of us like each other very much, so we’ve reached this as a reasonable compromise.  However, there are times when temptation drags me from the bowels of ignorance into the hilarious realm of mockery.

And what I found was certainly lol-worthy.

Provided by The Juice Box over at Take180, Dimlight is a short parody dedicated to devoted Twilight fangirls.  It’s quite humorous to those who are just plain tired of hearing about the series.  Even if you aren’t tired of hearing about it – or for that matter, even if you enjoy Twilight – you may still relate to Tedward’s plight of continual torment by a deranged fangirl.

Funny, I normally stay far away from Take180 and The Juice Box, too.  Perhaps when many things I avoid come together they make something wonderful.

Larf away at http://www.take180.com/s/Dimlight/bprmn


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