A blog award! (sort of.)

December 12, 2008

Well, this is certainly an interesting turn of events.  While reading 3 Bedroom Bungalow to Let in Crazytown (a blog that I’ve taken up reading for the purpose of research), I found myself the heir apparent to a blog award:  “Your Blog Is Fabulous”.


See, all I have to do to earn this award is post about five things that I think are awesome.  And since this blog is mostly about stuff I think is awesome, this should be a piece of cake.

So, here goes:

1: Mum.  She has been my guiding light all my life, has taught me virtually everything I know, and is finally getting better thanks to B-12 supplements.  Whoopie!

2: Hot soup.  My sister made some today, and it’s just the thing for chilly autumn afternoons.

3. Cats.  Except when they’re shut in the bedroom in the morning and miaowing to get out, they’re sweet, cuddly and utterly lovable animals.

4. Barack Obama’s speeches.  Say what you will about the rest of him, but his speeches are awesome.  I ended up (willingly) listening to one of them for about forty-five minutes.

5. Ninja marketing (also known as squirrel marketing): when people promote a cause by inserting subtle and often tiny plugs for it into public places.  Less obnoxious than traditional advertising, and very, very sneaky.

There we go: five things that are awesome.

If you’d like this award for your blog, it’s yours for the taking: just save it to your computer, upload it wherever you like, and post it on your blog with a list of five awesome things.

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