iApprove: Pro Designs in ACCF.

December 14, 2008

Animal Crossing: City Folk is pretty cool overall.  The graphics have been greatly improved from Wild World, there are a myriad of new features, and there’s just something about playing the game on a full-sized screen again (love).

But my favorite feature so far is the Pro Designs for patterns.

In previous installments of Animal Crossing, you could design new clothes via “patterns”.  You’d make a cute fifteen-color image and you could wear it as a shirt, hat or umbrella.  Problem was, the pattern was used for every aspect of the outfit: one copy on the front, one on the back, and one on each sleeve.

Yep, it kind of sucked.

Then City Folk came out, and with it Pro Designs.  This option (available at the Able Sisters — old-fashioned pattern designing can be done directly from your Patterns screen now) enables you to customize each of the four parts of your outfit.  Even the left and right sleeves can be made different from each other if you so desire.

I’m using this tool to make some mad rockin’ shirts.  My first one, based off an awesome pattern by Mudstar, has little Dr. Mario viruses and pills on the front, a bigger virus on the back, and a couple of viruses on each sleeve.  It looks pretty sweet being modeled by my little Animal Crossing dude.  Next up I want to do a proper Link tunic (technically an upgrade from my Wild World tunic) with the cute little white sleeves.

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