iApprove: TreeHugger.com

December 16, 2008

Normally, I don’t care too much for treehuggers.  They tend to be too extremist for my taste; it seems like they don’t consider you a serious environmentalist unless you’re a forest-dwelling vegan hippie, like the elves of the Inheritance series.

Astonishingly, the people of TreeHugger aren’t really like that.

What they are is a bunch of very helpful people that will help you to minimize your impact on the environment and provide up-to-date news on the conservational front.  The usefulness of some of this information is debatable, but the entertainment value is not; who doesn’t want to hear about celebrities having green babies?

They also have several affiliated sites, such as Planet Green and Green Halloween, which respectively deal with general environmentalism and minimizing the environmental damage caused by Halloween.  (It’s surprisingly high.)

Start learning how you can help the Earth at http://www.treehugger.com


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