December 25, 2008

It’s Christmas! That wonderful day of good tidings, goodwill, peace on Earth, and siblings bickering over who gets to open the first present (but not at our house, where everything is organized by Mum.)

It also means that I have enough time off from preparing for Christmas (will resume duties later in preparation of Saturday’s party) to actually write a blog entry, ensuring that the lovely people who show up here nearly every day will actually have something to read.

So let me tell you a little bit about my Christmas.

It started last night, on Christmas Eve. After tucking my dear siblings’ presents into their stockings (they got cute miniature Christmas trees made from pinecones), I made sure my dressing-gown was in close proximity to my bed – er, sofa – and tucked myself in for the night, basking (not really) in the glow of the Christmas tree lights.

(For the record, I did not beg to sleep in the living room in the hopes of catching Santa, although I succeeded in that anyway. I’m using the couch while I set up my waterbed.)

Anywho, so I got up this morning (after Little Brother and Older Sister wake me up with their Christmas activity) and tucked myself into my warm, fuzzy dressing-gown. It is of the utmost importance to me that I wear this on Christmas Day. I hadn’t realized exactly how important until I put my Christmas tangerine into the pocket and my sister handed me my sonic screwdriver, but there you have it. Dressing-gowns make me feel all warm and fuzzy and Scroogey on Christmas (in a good kind of way).

Then I had some coffee and gingerbread (left over from the gingerbread ship parts I baked last night; Little Brother and I will be assembling that sometime today. Like after the snowman and the sledding and the presents and the Christmas oyster-‘n’-cracker feast.) It was very tasty, and for once the gingerbread was only slightly sweeter than the coffee, which was kind of nice. Then, as is traditional to do in our house, I opened my stocking. Found some very nice things in there, too: a Sudoku booklet, a notepad of index cards (for writing plots on), an exfoliating bath mitt, an LED magnifier, and a pair of “magic wands” (awesome ceramic chopsticks). Little Brother, who opened his stocking before I got up, was very pleased with his pinecone tree, and even the Obnoxious, Very Cynical and Entirely Practical Older Sister seemed to like hers fairly well. (Next up: I make two more for my aunts. They’re gonna love ’em.)

And that’s basically all that’s happened so far. It’s Christmas morning, and I’m sitting here blogging, still in my dressing-gown (it’s getting too hot, really, but I can’t take it off until I get pants on), and once it gets lighter outside Li’l Brother and I are going outside to go sledding. Later my obnoxious younger cousin is going to come over and monopolize him, so I need to take advantage of him while I can.

Toodle-oo, and have a very merry Christmas.


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