iApprove: Animal Crossing.

December 28, 2008

Ohh, what a long time ago it was that I was first introduced to Animal Crossing. Or at least, it feels like it, despite the fact that it’s only been a year and three days. But what a ride this sweet little game has taken me on in that time.

It seemed so innocent at first. A cute little game, with cute little humans for main characters and cute little animals to interact with. What could be more innocent? More simple? More Zen?


Animal Crossing is so much more than a simple child’s game. It’s an ongoing commitment. For that matter, everything in the entire game is about commitment. You’re committed to paying off your mortgage to Nook (and you HAVE to, because if you don’t your house will never get any bigger and the one you have certainly isn’t big enough to hold all your furniture). You’re committed to filling up the museum (because Blathers looks at you with those big owl eyes and begs you to contribute things). Even the wandering “townies” give you commitments: take this package to Ruby, and can you please do it by 6 PM?

What’s worse, you’re committed to playing every day (not so good around the holidays, which is exactly why I haven’t been doing it). If you don’t, weeds grow, your flowers wilt, the animals notice your absence (“3 weeks! That’s how long you’ve been gone!” *grouse grouse grouse*), and… well, things really start to suck.

And the craziest thing about all of this is that you like it. This loony game is so cute and so engaging that you have absolutely no problem with giving it an hour or more of your life every day just so that you can deliver packages to cute little animals or rearrange the furniture in your house or collect new furniture or buy overpriced paintings from a traveling shyster. Yes, PAINTINGS are the pinnacle of excitement in this game — well, that and fishing for sharks, which you can do while standing on the cute little beach with your cute little fishing pole.

It’s a crazy game, but there is so much love.


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