iApprove: Nuts.

December 29, 2008

You know the ones: almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, and pecans.  They’re a popular snack among basically every dietary school — low-fat eaters like them because they’re filling, low-carb eaters like them because most of their contained carbohydrates are fiber, and vegetarians like them because they’re rich in nutrients that are found in few areas outside of meat.

No matter what your preferred food, nuts are an extremely useful snack, as they do provide all of the above qualities.  They’re rich in fat and fiber, which makes them filling, and they’re absolutely loaded with important minerals.  They’re also quick and convenient; you can easily get de-shelled nuts in your local supermarket, and just grab a handful for your snacking pleasure.

The only problem I can find with nuts is that, unfortunately, some people are allergic.


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