iApprove: My Aunt & Uncle.

December 30, 2008

Specifically, the ones who sent me beautiful clothes every Christmas for more years than I can remember, and every year before and since have given generously to each of their nieces and nephews.  They absolutely love children, which makes it all the more unfortunate that they have never been able to have their own, but they’ve done a wonderful job of treating the rest of us and I appreciate their yearly gifts more than they can probably imagine… I really need to send them a card or something.

Recently, they switched from clothes to gift cards for Target.  Ordinarily, this would constitute a huge faux pas in my book (QUIT TELLIN’ ME WHERE TO SPEND MAH MONEY, DARNYOU!) but I think I can let it slide.

The reason is that Target is a really, really neat store to go shopping in.  Among other things, they sell Puzzle Pirates doubloon cards (using a card to buy a card… I know, lame) and natural, non-murderous shampoos and soaps.  They’re environmentally conscious in other ways, too: the paper that my card came in is both 100% recycled and completely recyclable.  I don’t know about the card; I plan on asking the store employees.  Now, I’m sure that there’s plenty of corporate stink still wafting around their organization, but this is a lot more effort than most retailers (a la “Big Box Mart”) care to exert.  Much to my surprise, they’re also starting to carry fair trade products – perhaps more a marketing ploy than from genuine concern, but if I can buy it, I’m not going to complain.  The fact that they’re affiliated with Starbucks – a huge player in the Fair Trade market, as I understand – indicates to me that they may be on the road to something larger, though only time will tell.

Regardless, out of all the retailers in our area, Target is my number-one pick for gift card shopping.  And so, my dear aunt and uncle, thank you.  And enjoy your olives.


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