iApprove: Mario Paint Composer.

January 12, 2009

I love eight-bit music.  I also love music that can be composed.

With Mario Paint, you can use the Compose feature to easily assemble eight-bit music.  The program uses a colorful graphical interface where the tune is dependent on the elevation of each note, and each type of sound is represented by a unique icon, so it’s incredibly easy to tell what you’re putting there — or at least, easy in the sense of composer programs.  They tend to elude me rather painfully.

One technical downside is that there are no half- or quarter-notes; you need to set the tempo to the smallest possible increment and place your other notes in corresponding positions to get the timing you want.  Not that this has stopped people from doing incredible arrangements of Never Gonna Give You Up, Through the Fire and Flames, and Thriller.

I ask you, what could possibly be more nostalgic to the young adults of today than 80’s music that sounds like an early Nintendo arrangement?


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