DoNotWant: Extreme Grass Loss in Animal Crossing.

January 13, 2009

Houston, we have a problem.

It comes in the form of grass.  Specifically, the grass that covers the ground of our towns in Animal Crossing: City Folk — or rather, fails to cover.

City Folk was designed with an interesting feature: the grass is destructible.  Any time you walk over a patch of grass, then save and quit the game, a certain amount of damage is recorded to that patch of grass.  The idea behind this was that over time, grass would wear down, creating natural pathways wherever you walked.  Avoid walking in those places, and the grass will regenerate, so you don’t have to worry about your town going bald.

At least, not if you’re a single player playing only once a day.

For the rest of us, who can’t do all our playing all at once and/or actually SHARE the game with other people, our towns are losing their grass in a matter of weeks.  And not just the path grass.  Our entire towns are going bald, as certain features of the game require us to run over the entire thing to take advantage of them.

Great, huh?

The players of Animal Crossing aren’t taking this lying down.  (Well, some of them are, but we call them “weenies”.)  They have a complaint thread on the Club Nintendo message board and a petition to get the problem fixed.  If those don’t work, we’ll be sending in our game copies for full refunds.  Because seriously, I’m not taking this rubbish.


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