So… The Big Rewrite.

January 28, 2009

This is the fun part.  I have to take the first draft of my novel, written in November, and hack it apart and rearrange it and rewrite large portions of it until it becomes the novel I was actually trying to write.

Of course, by “the fun part” I mean “even harder than writing the draft in the first place”.  In order to make sure that the story ends up where I want it, I first had to write down a point-by-point summary of the story, then change the summary into the new plot I want.  (If I didn’t, I’d experience the same thing I did when writing the first draft – start out in one place, then end up somewhere completely different because of some plot point that thought it ought to be added.  Writing out the plot beforehand enables me to keep constant tabs on what direction I want to be taking the story.)  After that, I have to take the story and re-work it to fit the layout of the new plot.

To make this easier, I’m merging the old and new plot into a single document and labeled the parts accordingly: old plot points that I’m leaving out (or moving) are in italics, plot points that are staying in the same place are underlined, and plot points that are new (or moved) are bold-underlined.

This may sound like a ton of work, but it’s actually only taken me a couple of days (work-time) to do, and in the end it’ll make the rewrite significantly easier.  Maybe.  I’ll have to try it first, but I’m pretty sure it will.

Aaaaaand that’s the scoop.


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