iApprove: Offbeat Bride.

February 1, 2009

Ahh, weddings.  A subject that has plagued women for centuries, and plagues them moreso today.

The problem largely stems from our old-fashioned etiquette rules surrounding weddings.  One famous person wears a white dress and plays Wagner, the common people follow suit, and somewhere along the line it becomes A Tradition.  Which, as you know, means that if you EVER deviate from these rules, you will be considered a disturbed and unfortunate deviant.

Offbeat Bride sneers at such preconceptions.

Covering everything from punk-rock weddings to traditional pagan handfastings, the site is a veritable plethora (which is really fun to say) of information for and about brides who have ventured off the beaten aisle.  The site provides photographic coverage of full weddings, as well as smaller tidbits such as dresses, invitations, and even light-up boquets.  The word “tacky” does not exist in their circle — if you want to do it, it’s cool, no matter what the in-laws think.

The author also has a book on the subject, which I have not had the pleasure of reading but is said to be quite enjoyable (and contains rather more colorful language than you’re likely to see in most wedding-centric books; YMMV).

Step off the path at http://offbeatbride.com


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