Guess Who Said This!

February 21, 2009

“The so-called “science” of today has limited its knowledge by rejecting a priori any reality beyond that perceived by the physical body’s five senses.”

So, who would you guess said it?

Answer:  Hinduism Today.

I was amazed when I read this quote.  Taken out of context, it sounds just like something a Creationist Christian would say.  And it doesn’t end there: the article goes on to insist that God is omnipresent and that our evolution must have been guided by some deity (or a number of deities).  They share stories from their holy writing that support their claims.

If you’re a Christian, or a person of a similar religious denomination, I’d like you to take a moment to read about the milk miracle that occured recently.  The phenomenon caused a huge amount of hysteria as well as a reaffirmation in faith for all Hindus.  Yet when scientists examined the phenomenon, they found it to be perfectly explainable through physics.  Answer me this: Do you believe, despite scientific evidence to the contrary, that this was a miracle?

If not, congratulations: you now understand atheists a little bit better.  Not to deconvert you from your religion – that’s a private affair and I will not force you to do so – but perhaps when you run into your next nonbeliever you’ll have a better idea of why they haven’t glommed on to your beliefs.


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