iApprove: Mark Vincent.

February 24, 2009

No posting yesterday.  I got busy working on my novel (rearranging the plot, mostly) and by the time I remembered I hadn’t posted it was after eleven and I was headed to bed.

So I thought I’d share with you today something absolutely amazing that I found last night while, er… working.  Yeah, working.  (Just kidding.  I was just procrastinating bedtime, seriously.)

It was late, and I was tired, so I’d hit YouTube and was watching the recently-uploaded episodes of Australia’s Got Talent. (You may recall that I am a Got Talent junkie.  Or I may not have mentioned that.)  There were some really awesome acts, some really cool acts, surprisingly few but incredibly lame acts, and a whole lot of Red Simons elevating himself to new levels of turdity.

And then there was Mark Vincent.

I was ooooooh so dubious when this kid came out.  After the Neal E. Boyd fiasco on America’s Got Talent last year, all I could think when listening to this kid talk was “great, another operapotamus, fifty bucks says he sings Nessun Dorma.  Another fifty says he does pretty well and they put him through.”

Then he started singing.

Every time I hear someone sing “Nessun Dorma”, it affects me a little differently.  Paul Potts moved me to tears.  Luciano Pavarotti scared me.  Neal E. Boyd didn’t do much of anything, though I noted that he has a beautiful voice.  Mark Vincent floored me.

I could not believe that what I was hearing – this incredibly deep, powerful, smooth voice – was coming from a fifteen-year-old.  He delivered the song like he was driving a horse team (Snowy River reference not intended), with power and passion and a look in his eyes that was not unreminiscent of Pavarotti.

Jaw, meet floor.

My initial thought was “If this kid wins, there’s something seriously wrong with these competitions.”  But listening to his performance again, I’m going to have to retract that.  If the Australian audiences had the same general reaction I did – and initial evidence suggests that they did – and Mark keeps up the high standards in subsequent performances, he is going to be one tough nut to beat.

One tiny quibble: While he sings, he looks like he’s struggling a bit to get his power level up there.  He manages to do it and it sounds incredible, but I wonder at how exhausting it is for him.


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