Awright, guys, this is just stupid.

March 3, 2009

“God’s effectiveness of will exists necessarily, but the universe could not exist at all without something overseeing its operation.” – Hypothetical Proselytizer, The Arguing Atheist

Translation: God can exist without a Creator because we say so, but the Universe can’t.

This is a baseless, double-standardized and extremely arrogant claim.  If God is allowed to exist without a prior Creator, then the Universe should be afforded the same rights.

“You cannot have a Creation without a Creator.” – Random Christian

That’s absolutely, unarguably, 100% correct.  A CREATION can not exist without a Creator.  What about a UNIVERSE? As I said, it has already been established by Christians that God is not a Creation and therefore he does not need a Creator.  Likewise, it is entirely possibly for the Universe to exist without being a Creation.

To simplify: Universe = nonsentient God. Quit denying rights to the Universe that you have so generously allowed to God.

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