iApprove: Friendly Atheist.

March 10, 2009

Awright, okay. As long as I’m spending hours upon hours hiding in this blog, I may as well tell you about it.

Friendly Atheist is, as you may imagine, run by a friendly atheist – specifically, Hemant Mehta, best-known as the author and main participant of the book I Sold My Soul On Ebay: Viewing Faith Through an Atheist’s Eyes.  As you may imagine, he differs from most prominent atheists, in that he believes it is more important to put forth a friendly image and build up communication with religious folk than to bash their beliefs relentlessly.

His blog plays showcase to a wide variety of subjects: religious/secular news, updates on atheist and secular gatherings, videos on religious or secular topics, and random funny things – including several posts dedicated to the well-known pastime of baby-eating.

The only downside is that he has three years’ worth of updates, often multiple updates a day.  I’m still getting through 2007.

You can read it for yourself at http://friendlyatheist.com


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