iApprove: Big, Fuzzy Bathrobes.

March 11, 2009

I particularly approve of mine, bit I have a general love affair with big, fuzzy bathrobes.  Firstly, they’re soft (though they become more woolly every time you wash them).  Secondly, they’re warm.  Thirdly, they’re really easy to slip into when you’ve just woken up and it’s freezing, or any other time that you’re cold.

Now, I realize there’s been some hubbub going on recently over the “Snuggie”, the Blanket With Sleeves.  Let me be the first to say: cheap bathrobe ripoff.  They’re warm?  So’s a bathrobe.  They’re easy to put on?  So’s a bathrobe.  They’re available at your local retailer?  Nope!  But a bathrobe is.  One downside to the bathrobe is that it doesn’t typically reach the floor, whereas the Snuggie does.  But that’s when you put on fuzzy slippers and tuck your legs under your lap.  Very warm, very snuggly.

And, as much as I love them, that’s basically all that you can say about bathrobes: warm, soft, comfortable, convenient.  Oh, yeah – and if you get yours in an extra-large, it makes a handy backup blanket for cold winter nights.



  1. i’m torn between the Snuggie and the Shamwow

    • Get a bathrobe.

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