iApprove: TV Tropes.

March 12, 2009

Ever find yourself watching a TV show, and realizing that you’ve seen a plot device somewhere before?  Ever wonder where the “sword in the stone” myth started, and how many hack writers have hijacked it since?  Do you often refer to a favorite character type as “the Dr. McCoy”?

If so, TV Tropes is the place for you.

A vibrant community of fans of various movies, TV shows, books, and ancient legends, TV Tropes provides a handy basis for people to compare notes on everything from popular plot devices to… more popular plot devices.  As they say on their website, ” There Is No Such Thing As Notability, and no citations are needed.”  If you want to post an example of Brain In A Jar from an obscure Swedish cartoon series that was canceled after three episodes, go for it.

It’s kind of hard to give the site a proper description, so just check it out at http://tvtropes.org.

(Oh, yeah, one other thing: It’s a wiki.  Prepare to lose hours of your life.)

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