So, it’s sort of like having a job…

March 22, 2009

Except that I can stop and watch El Hazard: The Alternative World for hours on end if I want.

So here’s the dope: Th’sister and I started plotting an RPG.  Well, mainly her.  She started out with a plot and a couple of locations, then suggested that I come up with whatever I want.  That was it – no suggestions, no drive for the story, nothing.

Several days later, I’m bored.  I start work on my own RPG.

Couple of days later, I’m working out the plot while designing character hairstyles.  Sister starts griping because I ought to be working on “our” RPG.  Well, I’ve got nothing.  I throw a location at her and iron out a wrinkle in one of her plots, but that’s basically it.

Then she finds out about the hair…

So now I’m “employed” designing hair for NPC’s.  Okay, no biggie; I can do this.  But she doesn’t want me to use the hair that came with RPG Maker as a basis.  She wants me to draw the little boogers from scratch, so that they “match with her style”.  Her style which, according to her, isn’t very good.  Her style which led her to create a hairstyle that I had to come in and modify so it didn’t look like the guy had stuck his finger in a light socket.  If I draw them from scratch, it’ll take me half an hour just to get them drawn and another half an hour to make them look good.  If I base them on the in-game hair, it takes me five to twenty minutes and they look awesome.

I just don’t get the beef.

Anyway, she has grudgingly allowed me to continue doing it using my method, although I figure she’ll probably go through and alter the hairstyles to make them look more like hers.  (I reiterate, mine are better.)  Fine-o.  I’m taking the originals and using them for my own project.

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