iApprove: Transformers.

March 25, 2009

Pfft… it’s after eleven-thirty and, thanks largely to my dad, I still haven’t made a post.  Worse, I’ve completely forgotten what it was I was going to post about.

So I’ll say a little bit about Transformers.

My introduction to the franchise started with the toys.  I was utterly fascinated by the things – small beasties or vehicles that, with a few (or several) deft maneuvers, transformed into humanoid shapes.  They were incredibly entertaining to play with.  Unfortunately, at the time I did not have any.

Years later, I happened to have gotten ahold of some money and was going through a liquidation store, where I noticed they had some Transformers in the toy aisle.  Intrigued, and remembering the enthusiasm from my childhood, I bought a few.

It got me hooked.

I’ll admit, I don’t have a huge collection; I’m not a drooling uberfanboy or anything.  But there is something so simplistically brilliant about these toys – especially the ones that transform from realistic-looking cars into robots.  And there’s something very alluring about the story behind it; stories of visitors from another world who are both very different and very familiar to a human perspective.

And… well, to be honest, I have a huge soft spot for both transformation fiction and giant robots.  Transformers is a match made in heaven.

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