iApprove: The Blind Watchmaker.

March 29, 2009

I admit, I envy Richard Dawkins to a degree.  Being an actual biologist, he is qualified to do something that I am not: to make statements about evolution based on numerous observed facts, rather than cobbling something together based only on physics as I understand him.

And perhaps that’s as it should be.  It seems utterly ridiculous to me that for my “belief” in evolution to be held credible, I must have a complete working knowledge of evolutionary biology at the ready to counter any question someone throws at me.  Nonetheless, that exact view is held by many critics of evolution: that one would have to have a complete working knowledge of the subject, including the methods by which every unusual body part could ever have developed, in order to believe that evolution could happen.

I suspect that this is probably because of their own experience with belief.  The sort of people who are most likely to criticise evolutionary theory are accustomed to an all-or-nothing, house-of-cards sort of truth – one in which the removal of any piece will cause the entire theory to crumble.  They fail to understand the proper method in which we create scientific theories: that is, if evidence proves said theory to be false, then the theory is either modified to include the new evidence or exchanged for a more accurate theory.

But I digress.

Since I have been thrust into this situation – a rather uncomfortable and antagonistic world in which the phrase “there are no lay evolutionists” holds far too much weight – I will do my best to get the information I need so that I may defend my “beliefs” to the fullest.  In the meantime, rather than egging me about the minute details of evolution, check out Richard Dawkins’ video, The Blind Watchmaker:



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