iApprove: The National Day of Silence.

April 17, 2009

(Oy… what a week.  Had to deal with my schizophrenic aunt getting into a wreck, landing in the hospital, getting out of the hospital, and itermittently kvetching about all of her imaginary problems.  I am pooped.  Anyway…)

It’s April 17, and once again it is the National Day of Silence (also the release date of 17 Again, but I have yet to find someone who cares).  This is a day when students around the country have risen to the occasion and shut their mouths in support of human rights the homosexual agenda.  All day today they have had a wonderful time of pushing homosexuality on everyone, teaching sodomy in schools, and repressing the truth about  homosexuality, all without opening their mouths.

I jest, of course.  But according to TrueTolerance, that’s exactly what they’re doing.  Because, of course, True Tolerance means Tolerating Christians and Everyone Else can Shut Up and Go Away.

I won’t go into their entire argument – you’re more than welcome to go to your site and read it for yourself – but I’d just like to say a couple of things on behalf of the Day of Silence, the brave students who organized it, and the teachers and other individuals who support it.

The Day of Silence was never intended to promote homosexuality (henceforth referred to as “gayness”).  While some individuals have taken the opportunity to educate public on GLBT lifestyles, the original – and core purpose – is just this: to combat discrimination against GLBT students (coloquially, “queers”) in schools.  That’s the whole Day of Silence motive, right there: to prevent these individuals from being bullied.

It is not, despite some claims, to suppress the truth.  (Which truth, anyway?  WTH?)  It is not designed to coerce vulnerable teenagers, still going through their questioning years, into crossing over and joining the forces of gayness.  (Which the TT-ers would know was impossible, if they actually read the gay-rights brochures.)  It is simply intended to give queers (which, as an Indiscriminate Sex Maniac who Cannot Make Up My Mind, I mean in the lovingest way) the right to exist in schools without being tormented by their fellow students.

The only truth getting suppressed is that a large quotient of anti-gay activists are gay themselves… but I’m sure they’ll tell us when they’re ready.


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