iApprove: St. Louis Ocarina.

April 21, 2009

A couple of years ago, I wanted an ocarina for Christmas.  Not just any ocarina, mind.  I had very specific criteria: it had to be inexpensive, and it had to be good.

St. Louis Ocarina (or STL Ocarina) provided exactly that.

The one I ended up getting was a 9-hole pendant.  It cost about eighteen dollars, and is incredibly flexible as far as pendants go.  (Blog post on that baby later.)  But that’s only a small sampling of what STL provides.  They sell everything from basic plastic pendants (for kids) to triple-chambered purple clay ocarina.  (I also want one of those one day.  Need money, first.)  Price range runs from cheap to extravagant.

Finally (and perhaps most importantly), they’re based in the US – a feature held by too few high-quality ocarina manufacturers.

Check them out for yourself at http://www.stlocarina.com/


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