iApprove: Grok.

May 1, 2009

Naturally, I wasn’t going to start out on any diet OR exercise regime half-cocked.  With that in mind, I spent a significant amount of my time yesterday researching (1) Paleo diet and (2) Paleo exercise.  And that was how I met Grok.

To put it simply, Grok is the hunter-gatherer human that everyone is descended from (though not all of us are descended from the same Grok).  Though we have evolved since Grok’s time, his genes, established over two and a half million years, still occupy our bodies today.

According to The Definitive Guide to Grok:

First off, he is simultaneously his own person/personality (incidentally male) and an inclusive, non-gendered representative of all our beloved primal ancestors (male or female who spanned the primeval globe). It’s Grok as both construed individual and collective archetype, you might say. In either capacity, Grok serves as our primal exemplar, a figurative model for evolutionarily tried and true lifestyle behaviors: diet, exercise, sleep, stress, etc…

…Grok, as we have come to know and love him, is a rather typical hunter-gatherer. He hearkens from, say, the San Joaquin Valley of (now) California. Born before the dawn of agriculture, he lives the life of a forager – hunting game and gathering all manner of roots, shoots, seeds and fruits for both himself and his family/small band. He’s perhaps 30 years old, on the upper end of life expectancy in his day, but he has the remarkable health to live far beyond that if he can avoid the traps of his time: accidents, predators, illness – far different threats than ours today.

Grok is the guy we need to look to when figuring out what our bodies need.  Never mind what the high-income doctors have to say about it – nothing against the doctors, but they’re operating on equal parts outdated information and ag-industry propoganda.  Grok was not interested in propoganda or the economy or even science (a point against Grok, sadly); he was interested in surviving.  And, by doing the same things that his ancestors had been doing for 2.5 million years, he not only survived, but thrived.

Not that we have to give up science or technology or the economy or baths, but there are a lot of things that we can learn from Grok.

You can read his full story at http://www.marksdailyapple.com/definitive-guide-to-grok/


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