About GeriMorgan

GeriMorgan (known elsewhere as J. or Janette Morgan) is a young novelist currently working on finishing her NaNo project, “Lost in the Past”, so that she can move on to her three-years-in-the-making project, “Blackboot”.  Under her belt are the partially-completed “Fanfiction University of Amity Park” and the Bob and George/Rockman.EXE crossover, both of which she will also be returning to after completing “Lost in the Past”.

Geri’s completed works include:

“Show Me Your Power” (short story, fanfiction.net)

“I Really Am Stupid” (short story, fanfiction.net)

“Lady Cassandra in an Adventure with Pirates” (short story; Honourable Mention in “<Insert Name Here> in Another Piratey Adventure!” contest, Puzzle Pirates)

“A Tale of Dread and Woe” (poem; third place in “Witches on Switches” contest, Puzzle Pirates)

In addition to writing, Geri enjoys such activities as sculpting, playing the ocarina and reading.  Her favorite writers include Terry Pratchett, Dave Barry, C. S. Lewis (for sheer creativity), and Piers Anthony.


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