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iLOL’d: nuttymadam3575.

May 19, 2009

It is imperative in the life of any anti-Twilighter that he or she do two things:

  1. Read the book, and
  2. Watch nuttymadam3575 on YouTube.

I’m working on doing the first (using highlighter markers to point out the terrible parts), and I’ve been doing the second for a while now.  Let me say, this woman’s (girl’s?) videos are hilarious.  From her earliest cries of “Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod” to her later “Sick of all the Twilight hate” videos, she succeeds in being a lolcow of epic proportions.  She is to Stephenie Meyer what Chris Crocker is to Britney Spears, and so much more.  Not only has her own behavior become legendary, but she has been mocked or more gently teased in several parody videos (including mine, the Uuuuhmaaaayzing Buuuutt with the guinea pig).  You simply cannot appreciate (or unappreciate) Twilight without seeing her stuff.

Check her out at


iLOL’d: The Itteh Bitteh Duckeh Committeh.

May 9, 2009

(Okay, here’s the scoop: I’m busy.  Really busy.  I’m having a hard time finding stuff to blog about every day, much less the time to blog about it.  So I’m posting less frequently.  Blog is not dead tho.

Now enjoy this tale of teh duckehz.)

Today my family and I went shopping for a car.

One would think that this would be a reasonably simple matter.  You get into town, browse around, find a car that fits all your qualifications, buy it, you’re done.  Since the economy’s in the dumpers, it shouldn’t be too hard to find the car you want…

…except that everyone is now shopping in your price range.

Long story short, we did not find a car.  We did find a lot of places to exclude in future car searches.

But let me tell you about the ducks.

We first saw the sign when pulling out of a car lot.  Well, not just a sign – it was a shapely young woman holding up a sign that read “Green House – OPEN”.  I, being an utterly ignorant lout, had no idea that such a sign could have grand cosmic significance, but my mother was good enough to enlighten me.  It would seem that the “Green House” in question is a nursery that she remembers fondly from her younger days, and so she insisted that we drive down and investigate.

It is a charming place, really.  All of the business is done outdoors, in a secluded little area with some trees and a pond and… birds.  Oh, so many birds.  On the way in, we spotted a large flock of chickens (sitting in a tree, as chickens are largely fond of trees), a few geese, and several goslings.

Deeper in, in the area where the plants were sold, was the Itteh Bitteh Duckeh Committeh.

This oh-so-innocent-seeming flock of ducklings gave us no problems at first.  They’re shy little birdies, waddling away in cute little herds whenever someone tries to get close.  Not antisocial, but not especially human-loving.

Unless you have little beads in your sandals.

At one point in our shopping trip the duckehs spotted those beads.  I can only imagine what went on in their minds at this point (Yay!  Food!); they hauled their collective duckie derrieres in my direction and wasted no time assaulting my shoes for the imaginary food they had spotted.

Now, I’m not a boastful sort of individual – I try to avoid it if I can – but I can’t help but wonder if this occurence is indicating something to me.  Perhaps I’m missing my true calling; perhaps I am destined to travel into the world and become a Duck Whisperer, bringing joy (and imaginary fudz) to duckehz everywhere.  Perhaps fame and fortune will follow me wherever I go as I forge new communication between men and ducks.

Or maybe I’d better leave the sandals at home next time.


iLOL’d: Twilight with Cheeseburgers

May 2, 2009

Ever wondered what Bella looks like from Edward’s perspective?  Now we know.  (Warning: Graphic imagery involving a cheeseburger.)


iLOL’d: Instructions for Infant Care.

April 11, 2009

I love babies.  (They taste good with ketchup.)  And I love humor.  And when they come together, it is epic.

The scary thing is, I think there are parents out there who would actually try some of these.

You can see the complete lol-worthy set of baby humor at


iLOL’d: The Limits of Science.

April 5, 2009

I found this sweet little nugget over at Unreasonable Faith, and it is most certainly lulzy.  Although it is no longer Saturday, I thought I’d go ahead and share it.

What is The Limits of Science?  It’s a short “educational” video, made in the style of many such videos that were made between the 40’s and 60’s, but set in pseudo-medieval England.  Not only is it just plain silly, but it does an excellent job at pointing out some of the absurd ideas that humans have today concerning science.  What more could you ask for?

Watch it at


iLOL’d: Study: 38 Percent of People Not Actually Entitled to Their Opinion.

March 28, 2009

While browsing Unreasonable Faith, I came across a link to an article from The Onion that struck a few familiar chords – and my funnybone.

While I don’t feel it’s my place to say who is or is not entitled to their opinion – oy, the social problems that could arise if we began limiting such things – I think that everyone has run into at least one person who seemed to be so mind-bogglingly stupid that they were not even qualified to think about the subject they were spouting about, much less forming an opinion on it.

Read about it at


iLOL’d: Secret Finger Trick.

March 14, 2009

I learned about this one the other day, via my little brother.  It turns out that if you hold your index finger in the right position and hold your camera so it cuts off your knuckle and fingertip, you end up with a pretty convincing photograph of a rear end.

This is, as you may imagine, a source of great lulz – particularly if someone else catches you looking at photographs of “finger butts”.

Check out the maneuver and some photographs – including a couple that have drawn-on “underwear” – at