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Final version of Cheese Salad open for business!

October 2, 2009

That’s right!  Rather than using it as a collection of random junk, I’ve decided to turn Cheese Salad into a collection of food recipes.  The site’s had a complete overhaul (its last for a long while, I hope) and has been set up with recipes of several different categories – including entrees, party snacks, desserts, and single-serving dishes.

The finished site can be accessed at

I’ll be updating the site from time to time with new recipes, so check back periodically!


Fun Facts About Bisexuality

May 30, 2009

There seem to be a lot of mistruths going around about bisexuals lately.  Stuff like “they’re just confused”, “they’re doing it for the attention”, “they’re so starved for sex that they’ll do it with anyone”.  Complete mistruths.  So I thought I’d take a few moments to clear up some of these myths.

Myth: There is no such thing as a bisexual; people are either gay or straight/Bisexuals are just gay or straight people who haven’t figured it out.

Or: Bisexuals are always equally attracted to both sexes.

Truth: Although it was once thought that a person’s sexual orientation could only be one thing (straight) or two (gay or straight), this has since been proven faulty.  In fact, sexual orientation is a relatively flexible thing, and can fall into any of the following five positions:

  1. Attracted only to opposite sex (straight).
  2. Attracted to both sexes, but more attracted to opposite sex (straight-inclined bisexual).
  3. Equally attracted to both sexes(bisexual.)
  4. Attracted to both sexes, but more attracted to same sex (gay-inclined bisexual).
  5. Attracted only to same sex (gay).

1 is believed to be the most prevalant position, but sexual orientation can – and does – range widely between individuals.

Myth: Bisexuals are sex maniacs.  They are so starved for intimacy that they will date/screw anyone.

Truth: Just like straight and gay people, bisexuals have standards, and they are not afraid to use them.  We will date/screw based on a wide range of factors, such as physical attractiveness, personality, and relationship status.  Some of us have even decided, all on our own, to remain virgins until we are married.

Myth: You have to be careful when dating a bisexual.  You never know when he/she will cheat on you with the other sex/Bisexuals require sexual stimulation from both sexes, simultaneously or in turn.

Truth: Bisexuals are no more likely to cheat on you than a gay or straight person.  Some of us are rampaging chauvanists, but many of us are not.  And while we may date people of both sexes, we are fully capable of committing to someone of either.

Myth: Bisexuals are trying to reduce your dating pool.

Truth: Bisexuals have just as much right to date members of your sexual orientation as you do, assuming that they choose to do so.  Not all of them will; some bisexuals are quite contented dating members of only one sex, and even if they aren’t, they are no likelier to rob you of your soul mate than your straight or gay competitors.  In fact, bisexuals actually serve to widen the dating pool – both straight and gay.

Myth: Bisexuality (or homosexuality) is only about sex – there is no emotional attraction.

Truth: Every human is capable of forming strong emotional bonds with either sex, regardless of orientation.  The only thing that determines who you learn to love is whether the two of you are emotionally compatible.  Aside from availability issues, it is no more difficult for a gay, lesbian, or bisexual to fall in love – with a person of either sex – than it is for a straight person.

Myth: Bisexuals are perverts/hedonistic/just plain loose.

Truth: Only in the movies.

Now for some Q&A.

Q: How do you know you’re bisexual?

A: I’ll admit, it isn’t quite as simple as knowing that you’re gay or straight.  Most people assume that they are one or another, but come to realize that they are attracted to people who fit outside their scope.  For me, it was when my list of “the only women I am attracted to” rose above three.

Q: Do you like the same things in men and women?

A: Not necessarily.  For instance, I like guys with beards, but I think they’d look silly on women.  Red hair, on the other hand, looks best on a female.  In general, men can be a lot more masculine before they cease to be attractive to me.

Q: What’s the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality?

A: Bisexuality is a term meaning that you are attracted to both sexes – meaning that you note a difference between them, but find them both stimulating.  Pansexuality is a state in which you are attracted to people in general, whether they be male, female, transgender, androgynous, or somewhere in between; you may or may not identify people as belonging certain genders.  Defined in such a manner, many people who identify themselves as bisexual would likely qualify as pansexual – going by this definition, I would end up calling myself straight-bisexual with pansexual leanings.  The lesson: Don’t get bogged down with terminology, just use whatever sounds right for you.


Things that make me lose The Game

February 26, 2009

Exactly what it says on the tin.

  • The phrase “the game”.  Any time, any place.
  • The word “game”, almost any time.
  • The song “Never Gonna Give You Up” (“We know the game and we’re gonna play it”).
  • The songs “Voulez-Vous” and “Defying Gravity”, for the same reason.
  • Other songs: “Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot”, “Dopefish Polka”.
  • Cabbage-rolling.
  • Jokes about Chuck Norris.
  • Whenever I think about something that makes me think of something else, I think of thinking of something that makes me lose the Game.  And I lose.
  • Facepalming.
  • The word “AAAAAARGH!” (G pronounced or unpronounced.)
  • Then sometimes I just lose it for no reason at all.

For more information, check out


Ahh, the feeling of NaNo…

February 9, 2009

I’d forgotten exactly how much work it takes just to sit down and type out walls of text without thinking — not to mention the amount of brainpower it takes.  It might take me a day or so to get back into equilibrium, but I think I can do it.


100 Guys who are Hotter than Edward Cullen

January 10, 2009
  1. Aaron Ashmore
  2. Shawn Ashmore
  3. Scott Bakula
  4. Christian Bale
  5. Antonio Banderas
  6. Ben Barnes
  7. John Barrowman
  8. Jason Bateman
  9. Robby Benson
  10. Daniel Betts
  11. Orlando Bloom
  12. Andrea Bocelli
  13. David Boreanaz
  14. David Bowie
  15. Jonathan Brandis
  16. Adrian Brody
  17. James Brolin
  18. Avery Brooks
  19. Gerard Butler
  20. Gackt Camui
  21. Jason Castro
  22. John Corbett
  23. Tom Cruise
  24. Alexis Cruz
  25. Tony Curtis
  26. Timothy Dalton
  27. Patrick Dempsey
  28. Johnny Depp
  29. Leonardo DiCaprio
  30. Michael Dorn
  31. Kirk Douglas
  32. Robert Downey, Jr.
  33. Cary Elwes
  34. Peter Facinelli
  35. Ralph Fiennes
  36. Colin Firth
  37. Joe Flanigan
  38. Harrison Ford
  39. Jonathan Frakes
  40. James Franco
  41. Neil Gaiman
  42. Richard Gere
  43. Michael Gough
  44. Cary Grant
  45. Hugh Grant
  46. Ioan Gruffudd
  47. Michael C. Hal
  48. Ulvhedin Hoest
  49. Tuomas Holopainen
  50. Jeremy Irons
  51. Jason Isaacs
  52. Kirk Jones
  53. Christopher Judge
  54. Caleb Kane
  55. Takeshi Kaneshiro
  56. Gene Kelly
  57. Val Kilmer
  58. Taylor Kitsch
  59. Hugh Laurie
  60. Christopher Lee
  61. Rami Malek
  62. James Marsden
  63. Eli Mattson
  64. James McAvoy
  65. Paul McGann
  66. Ewan McGregor
  67. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
  68. Wentworth Miller
  69. Suleman Mirza
  70. Matthew Modine
  71. Viggo Mortensen
  72. Sam Neil
  73. Dustin Nguyen
  74. Alex O’Loughlin
  75. Nathaniel Parker
  76. River Phoenix
  77. Alan Rickman
  78. Axl Rose
  79. Brandon Routh
  80. Kyle Schmid
  81. William Shatner
  82. Jyouji Shibue
  83. Cliff Simon
  84. Scott Speedman
  85. Patrick Stewart
  86. Steven Strait
  87. Jim Sturgess
  88. Daniel Sunjata
  89. Keifer Sutherland
  90. David Tennant
  91. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
  92. Stuart Townsend
  93. John Travolta
  94. Gaspard Ulliel
  95. Michael Vartan
  96. Vitas
  97. Peter Williams
  98. Bruce Willis
  99. Michael York
  100. Billy Zane

I’m not dead…

December 22, 2008

I’ve just been really, really busy getting ready for Christmas (and getting my bed set up, which I have to finish sometime before Saturday). In no particular order, I have to clean the kitchen, finish making gifts, and either vacuum the floors or do laundry – in addition to wrapping gifts, helping to decorate the tree, making Christmas food, and any other odds and ends of tasks that pop up. Oh, and check on Animal Crossing if I get time. It gets cranky if I stay away.


iApprove: deviantArt.

November 13, 2008

I like art.  I can’t draw worth beans, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the work of those who can.  And one of the best places I know to do that is deviantArt.

With an enormous base of creative and talented artists, and a handy search feature to browse them by, this site is the best one I know of for finding interesting things to view (without charge).  If I’m feeling uninspired, for example, and need some quick visual stimulation, this is the place I go.  They do have annoying adverts (Lee Read dingy rings, and their continual store ads which tend to get in the way), but I enjoy their content enough that I find myself coming back anyway.

Not that it’s all talent, of course.  deviantArt, like, has its share of less talented individuals.  Like, though, it’s usually easy to tell those who have from those who don’t just by checking out the previews.  And much of the good content makes it worth your while to sift through the bad.