Things that are Not Fair.

December 25, 2008

So, ol’ Mum and I were having a discussion about things that are Not Fair.  We noted that a lot of kids – even teenagers who should really be too old for this kind of thing – tend to claim that a lot of only mildly irritating incidents are Not Fair.  So, in the interest of education (which I love), I’ve decided to draw up a list of things that are and are not Not Fair.

Things that are Not Fair:

  • Having a severe mental illness and going undiagnosed for more than forty years of your life.
  • Because of said illness, your entire family hates you and won’t have anything to do with you.
  • Being the child of said person with the mental illness, and listening to people badmouth your beloved mother whenever you’re around them.
  • Having to spend the first thirteen years of your life living with someone who doesn’t care about your health – letting you blimp to nearly 300 pounds without doing a single thing to try and stop it – and whose only interest in you is to feel good about herself for “having a child”.
  • After being found in her house in a diabetic coma, severely dehydrated and otherwise quite ill, your mother spends about a week in a hospital that won’t tell you anything about her condition.
  • You finally find out how she’s doing.  She’s fine, and she gets to come home.  A few hours later, it’s revealed that she’s stark raving mad…
  • …on Christmas Eve.
  • Your parents (completely different individuals) divorce when you’re four years old, and spend the next ten years arguing over who gets to keep you.

Things that aren’t quite Not Fair, but really, really suck:

  • Your mother (a different individual again) believes that she has a terminal illness… and waits to tell you until the two of you are in the middle of a huge fight.
  • You, as a child, get sick right around Christmastime and as  a consequence are unable to attend the family Christmas party.
  • You finally get that one thing that you really, really wanted for Christmas… but it’s just the box, and it’s full of underwear.
  • Getting absolutely nothing that you asked for for Christmas (especially if you asked for a decent variety or for a few inexpensive things).

Things that are not Not Fair:

  • Not getting everything you wanted for Christmas.
  • Buying a video game and then finding out that it has some features you don’t like.
  • The fact that there are people out there who don’t like your taste in books, movies, or music.
  • Receiving constructive criticism when you put your work (art/story) on the Internet and ask for reviews.
  • Your favorite video game publisher releasing a game or expansion pack that you personally don’t like.
  • Someone else eats the last piece of gum.
  • Your sister’s iPod is a newer model than yours/toy is prettier than yours/your sister got one more Christmas present than you/etc.

May add moar later.

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